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Fine Chemical -

Hwaseung has been challenging into the areas of limitless value in future-oriented fine chemical industry which is only available in cutting -edge science and the technical skills. The company not only strengthens its global competitiveness by making flexible production system, maximizing facility efficiency and establishing local production system but also promote sales maximization through development of high valued products at the same time.

Domestic Affiliates

Hwaseung Industry

This company manufactures global top film products acclaimed in overseas countries.

Seok Hoh Hyeon
Establishment date
Number of executives and employees
352 (as of Jan. 2015)
Major business
Production of BOPP film and films for packing.

Hwaseung EXWILL

This company is a global top solution company for rubber-based industry and manufactures belts and special materials

Soo Gang Byeon
Establishment date
Number of executives and employees
76(as of Jan. 2015)
Major business
Production and distribution of industrial products (belts, hose, seat and special materials)

Overseas companies & offices

HSP/ Hwaseung Solar Products LTD (Taechang)


This company produces EVA seats which play a role of stuff materials to be inserted between the front of Cell and glass plates, rear of Cell and back-sheet to protect breakable solar battery Cell. As a production base of Hwaseung Industry for eco business in China, the company is fully prepared to become the leader in Chinese market as well as in Korea.

Hwaseung Industry/ Hwaseung Shanghai International Trading Ltd.


HUNOMIK SHANGHAI which was one step ahead in entering into Shanghai with a forecast of limitless potential of this future city is a strategic base of Hwaseung IND as a window of market expansion of high quality film products to China

HSLS /Hwanseung Malaysia


As a company specialized in conveyer belt which was established in Cerumban , Malaysia in 2002, HSLS has manufactured differentiated products where plentiful natural resources and labor are combined with know-how of Hwaseung.